The Smart Cities project can be regarded as one of the most ambitious plans that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has for revolutionising India. The tagline of the project is “Smarter Solutions for a Better Tomorrow”, which perhaps throws light on what the project wants to achieve for the common people of India. As part of this project, the Indian Government shall be developing satellite towns in the vicinity of existing major cities and getting them up to an all new level. The birth of smart cities creates a chance to catalyze progress in three key areas – Improved governance structures and practices; Equitable economic growth and access to basic services and Human connectivity through mobile and Internet connection.

India International Smart Sustainable Cities Conference is meant to provide a platform to bring the major stakeholders of the urban development and eGovernance to discuss and deliberate on the various models of Smart City. This summit will take forward the government’s agenda of smart cities by finding out the best possible contribution from each stakeholder towards the development of smart cities across the nation. Key stake holders from the Government of India and various state governments, urban local bodies, urban planning experts and industry leaders will be engaged for ‘India International Smart Sustainable Cities Conference’.

It will focus on the various aspects of a smart city including urban development, power, energy, infrastructure, transport, technology, network & communication technology, etc. This exclusive & premium business summit will feature action-packed keynote session, panel discussions, technical sessions and fireside chats with leaders from business, government, think tanks, private equity, industry associations, as well as ministers, bureaucrats, policy makers and influencers, entrepreneurs and academia from across India & APAC region.

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